Vik Vanilla Flavor Culture for 1 Liter of Milk (Dessert / Yoghurt)

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Vik Vanilla Flavor Culture for 1 Liter of Milk (Dessert / Yoghurt)

Nearly all shop bought milk is both pasteurized and homegenized, but if you are using unpasteurized milk, than you should pasteurize it at at 72 oC for 15 seconds.

Dissolve the sachet in 1 litre of cold milk and then heat it to 88°C. Mix thoroughly and immediately pour the compound into the molds. Then put in a cold room (a fridge at +4°C is ideal). The "cooked cream" can be garnished - when ready - with caramel or fruit sauces. Put the seal on the bottom of the container and slowly pour the hot cooked cream. Shelf life of the finished cheese is 20 days if stored at +4°C.

Contains: Sucrose, dextrose, corn starch, vegetable fats, milk proteins, carrageenan, and xanthene gum.
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