Vik Vegetarian Liquid Rennet 100 ml (best value)

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Product description

Produced in Italy, this vegetable based Liquid Rennet is a product of plant origin obtained from strains of Rhizomucor-miehei MT microorganisms. It is ideal for making short and medium maturing cheeses.

- does not contain animal products,
- does not contain GMO products.

This is a thermoformable product that facilitates a low activity of coagulant activity with a low proteolytic activity. It is realized in large scale with a proven method that makes this enzyme the most competitive among the coagulants.

The amount required depends on the quality of the milk, acidity, temperature, and other factors. y. The dose from 20 to 40 cc. The bottle is ideal for 100 liters of milk. To use, dilute it in cold water or just pour directly into milk. It can be stored at room temperature and doesn't really expire accordung to our suppliers; however we suggest using it within 30 months of the production date.

It also contain salt (sodium chloride) and preservatives (sodium benzoate / E 211).
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