Vik Yoghurt Culture for 1 Liter of Milk

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Vik Yoghurt Culture for 1 Liter of Milk

Heat the milk to +85 °C and hold it at this temperature for a minute. Then cool to +42 °C and pour the sachet into the milk, mixing thoroughly. Technical stop at +40 °C for about 10 hours. After this period (the pH value should be between 4.30 and 4.40) break the clot slowly by mixing. Pack the finished product to a temperature of +36 °C. And put it in the cell. Recommended storage temperature: +4 ° C.

The freeze-drying process and sterile packaging guarantee the viability of the Vik Yoghurt Culture sachet well beyond the expiration date if stored at -18 °C. We store them frozen at this temperature. 
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